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How To Create Better Luck

Luck is one of those things that doesn’t just happen.

You can make your own luck. I know that goes against everything you’ve been taught or heard. That’s what I do. The most successful people in the world didn’t wait on something magically to happen. They made it happen. Why should you be any different? Since you’re here, you probably want to know how to make your own luck better:

    Talk to people.

  • Nobody can help you if they don’t know you need help. Tell others about what you’re doing and what your goals are. Sure, some of them might scoff and say it’s ridiculous. They aren’t the ones you care about. The people that will become your friends through this journey are the ones who support you. They will go out of their way to help you find opportunities and connections.
  • Do you think there is one successful, wealthy person who got their own their own merits? Somewhere along their journey, they met someone with more influence than them and were mentored. Someone helped give them their boost to success. But how do you think that person knew to help them? They talked to enough people that they found the perfect connection.
  • That’s luck. With the exception of winning the lottery, everybody had that key person or people to show them things they couldn’t find on their own. Talk to people because they are a great resource for luck. As long as you know they aren’t trying to take advantage of you then be open and honest with them.

    Follow through with your plans.

  • Nothing creates good luck or bad luck more than consistency. If you consistently screw up even after you know better, then you will consistently have bad luck. Working on the same thing without making any progress will have you thinking that you have no luck. But when you consistently follow through with what you say you will do, that’s when the opportunities rain down.
  • Opportunities don’t come out of nowhere. You don’t just do work and end up living the dream. You have to work towards something. Once you figure out what your goal is, go after it with everything in you. That’s when you’ll start to see your luck change. You’ll notice that more people are willing to listen to what you have to say because you have results to back it up.
  • Inconsistency is the killer of good luck. Most people will not take a chance on you if they see you aren’t one to do what you say you will. That sticks with people more than any work you could do. Relentlessly go after what you want. That will give you more good luck than you can imagine.

    Give back to others.

  • Helping other people gives you good karma. But only if you do it out of kindness and not to get something in return. People can tell the difference. If you are only donating to organizations to make a name for yourself, you better have a lot to donate. Genuine giving is what makes the world better.
  • Once you start volunteering, people will take notice if you do it consistently (see?). If you are the one to come in and set things up every time don’t think that no one sees you. They know you are doing this because you want to and it’ll make them look at you in a different light. Because you have taken the time to help others, you will find the help that you need.
  • You never know who’s watching. Always keep that in mind. When you are helping organize adults for a race or you are raising money for some cause, remember to do it joyfully. What you put out into the world is generally what you get back.

    Try new things that scare you a little.

  • If you never leave your comfort zone, you’re luck can’t grow. It’ll shrivel up and turn into nothing. It won’t be bad, but it won’t be good. Go do something that makes you slightly uncomfortable. Join a new professional organization and start meeting new people. This one was hard for me because I don’t like to talk. But once I did, opportunities I’d never thought of just started coming.
  • It’s ok to be afraid. Just don’t let that stop you. You can’t become luckier if you don’t grow. Your luck is a part of you. If you stay the exact same so will your luck. It’s when you start taking chances and going into unknown situations that you grow. Being uncertain about outcomes is just a part of life. As long as you are moving towards where you want to be, your luck will help you get there.
  • Nothing is worse for your luck than being stagnant. That’s why you hear so many people complaining about how unfair life is and how successful people had unfair advantages. The majority of those people worked hard to get where they are. They had the same start as you, but they decided to control their luck instead of being controlled by it.

    Don’t stop trying.

  • Most people think they are unlucky because they give up too easily. At the first sign of difficulty they stop. They completely give up on their brilliant idea after a few months of working on it. Anything you do is going to take time. In the beginning you probably won’t feel that lucky. This is only because you’ve started something brand new and you’re adjusting to it.
  • Stick with it. The media makes it seem like all of these successful people just popped up overnight when in reality they’ve been working towards that moment for years. They didn’t have luck to get them where they are. They made luck to take them where they wanted to be. If you do something long enough and with dedication you will meet the right people. You’ll go places you never even dreamed of.
  • But the second you say in your heart that this won’t work, your luck will spiral downwards. Nothing you do from that moment on will prosper like it could. Being lucky is working and making progress. It’s not some inherited magic. You make it happen by not giving up on yourself.

Did I break the idea of luck for you? I hope so because it’s not all that important. Sure, an athlete might take a lucky shot occasionally but there was months or years of practice behind it. They met the right people throughout their careers and they definitely didn’t give up. Luck is for the lazy. Only people who don’t want to do real work are concerned about luck. The ones who are making millions a day are the ones who got up and made it happen.

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