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What Kind Of People Will Succeed In Life And How To Be One

Everybody wants to be successful.

But not everyone will be. Not because they can’t, but because they are ready for it. Success takes a lot of work, sacrifices, and other not fun things that no one wants to talk about or hear about. That is what sets the people who reach their goals apart from those who don’t: a lot of work, sacrifices, and other not fun things that no one wants to talk about or hear about.

None of those things are that bad when you put them into perspective. Think about how much you already work everyday. What about the sacrifices that you already make anyways. And I know there are plenty of things that you don’t want to talk or hear about all the time. What makes it so different when you are trying to reach your own success?

That’s one of the key things that successful people know. The only difference between what you’re doing now and what they did before they became successful is learn to work for themselves. Not necessarily in a “start your own business” way. More like in a “if I can do what someone else tells me to, I can do what I tell myself to do” way.
Now that’s out of the way, here’s your list of what kind of people will succeed in life and how to be one of them:

    Successful people have detailed goals.

  • What they do: This might sound like a “duh” point to make, but the majority of people are terrible at setting goals. Everybody wants more money, but how much more? Everybody wants to quit their job, but what are they going to do to replace those paychecks? The most successful people have taken the time to really put the details into their goals. They can usually sum up what they want in 1 sentence.
  • What you can do: When you decide to set a goal, ask at least 3 questions. For example, say your goal is to be a millionaire. Why do you want to be one? More free time to enjoy life. What is it in life that you want to enjoy more of? Family, friends, travelling, etc. How long will it take you to get your first million? 2 years.
  • See? It’s not so hard. It just takes a little extra thought beyond the surface. Now you can neatly sum up your goal as: Become a millionaire in 2 years to enjoy more time with my family and friends and to travel more.

    Successful people make detailed plans.

  • What they do: This is where most people make their biggest mistake. They jump into working towards their goal without a plan. Successful people know working without a plan is the same as wasting energy. They make sure that they have as many little details thought out as possible. It might take a few hours or a few days for them to create a plan that they feel is strong enough to put their focus behind.
  • What you can do: Start with your goal and think backwards to where you are today. Here’s a super simple example. Become a millionaire => Start a business => Write a book => Type a paragraph.
  • This is the process they use to make a plan for any goal they have. It doesn’t matter how complex it gets as long as you can break each step down into tasks you can start doing right now. Take your time on making your plan. If you do it right, you’ll know exactly what to do to everyday to reach your goal. Any doubts you have will be removed just because you know if you stick to your plan, you’ll get what you want.

    Throwing away work that’s not working becomes easy for them to do.

  • What they do: They know when it’s time to try something different. It doesn’t matter how much effort has gone into it, they trash it. We like to hold onto things that we’ve put a lot of time and energy in to. Successful people know when they’re spinning their wheels and let it go.
  • What you can do: They didn’t do this naturally. It took them time to get to the point they could change directions easily. Start learning to let go of stuff you worked really hard on when you see it’s not going anywhere. That’s really what you have to do. Hard work won’t fix an unaddressed problem unless it’s focused. Is there an easy way to do it? Not really. You just have to learn how to recognize when it’s you aren’t moving forward anymore and find the problem.
  • You know how you have a detailed goal and a detailed plan? That’s what you can use to start estimating where your time sinks are. If you notice a task is taking way longer than you planned for, get to the root of the problem. Is it something you don’t have enough experience with? Has a delivery been delayed? Now start thinking of ways to either get the task done immediately or start considering skipping it. Make sure it’s not a crucial part of your plan before you skip it! Weigh the options you have, but make a decision. You can correct decisions later on if the need arises.

    They make their own success.

  • What they do: Opportunities don’t magically come to them. They are always looking for opportunities to move up or make connections. These aren’t the people you hear talking about they wish someone would notice them. Successful people are the ones that you might be making fun of. Most of the time the self-promote until they start to get a following so it looks bad at first. No one is following them around or paying much attention to them in general. But I’m willing to bet that you know their name.
  • What you can do: Start making moves toward the circle that you want to be in. Do volunteer work, join professional organizations, make business cards. You can start with the smallest step by looking up places or events in your area where you can meet people. If you need money for school or to start research on a product, raise it instead of dreaming and hoping for it. Make a Kickstarter, do a GoFundMe, get out in your community and do something! Options exist and they are open to you if you go find them.

    They stay consistent.

  • What they do: You’ll usually be surprised to learn that they are still working on that same idea. It will seem like they should have given up on it by now. Yet they are going forward unwaveringly. They still have the same energy and focus as when they first started. Of course things have been hard and plans have been drastically changed, but even you can see the progress they’ve made. Then there are the multiple ideas you’ve never finished in the past 8 months. Where’s your progress?
  • What you can do: Commit to sticking with one goal that you see all the way through. I mean to the point where you just can’t push it any further. Once you’re at that point, you make the decision of whether to keep pushing or to drop it. Either decision could be the best one depending on the circumstances. But once you’ve set your path to a certain goal, always do the tasks as best as you can. Don’t do something amazing one week and then the next week do crap work. Consistency is what will get you where you want to be. People will start to understand what to expect from you and they won’t waste as much of your time. Being consistent will give you the respect that you’ll need from others to get to your goal.

Now you know what the differences are. What are you going to do to change your habits or are you already on the path towards your goals? Let us know in the comments!

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