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Is passion for your job overrated?

Passion for your job is greatly overrated. For most people, they don’t go to work because they just love what they do. They go because they have bills to pay or people to take care of.

There are millions of people who go to work every day that hate their jobs. It’s not always the job either. Some people hate their boss, their coworkers, or even just the location of their job.

Then there’s the issue with company loyalty. Not as many companies are giving employees incentive to stick around for more than a few years. Even at my job, there are only a handful of people who have been there longer than 5 years!

BUT! There is good news! Changing careers is more common than ever! The internet is being called The Great Equalizer because it’s giving people from all kinds of backgrounds the opportunity to do better and do something different.

When it comes to a career change, nothing is more helpful than the internet. You can make a career change at 30 or a career change at 40. It doesn’t matter anymore! If you are unhappy with your career and you’re looking for a change, try these following steps:

    Attend professional meetings

  • If you are interested in a completely new career, go to meetings where people who are already in the profession can help you. Many of these organizations have members who are hiring managers and they can give you insight into how the interview process works.
  • People who work in the profession can tell you what the day to day is like. By attending meetings like these, you not only learn if it’s something you want to pursue, but you start to make connections.

    Take some free online classes

  • There are plenty of websites like where you can test the waters before taking the plunge. Try out a few classes to see if this career change is really what you want. If you see that you like what you learn, then look into ways to get certifications.
  • Of course you can do traditional college, but that can be expensive and time consuming. Research the requirements for your potential new career by looking at job postings. Those will tell you exactly what you need to know to get a job in your new career.

    Take the plunge

  • If you know that this career change is something you can do with your current credentials, then go for it! Start the job hunt in your new career. It’s hard to not be afraid of change, but if you really hate your current career, then you need to do what you need to do.
  • It’ll be nerve-wrecking at first but it’s really no different than changing underwear. It’s good for you. Even if it doesn’t work out long-term you’ll know that you did what was best for you.

Very few of us will find a career that we are passionate for. The main reason is because we’re afraid to make that change. If you feel like you need some assurance that you’re on the right path, check out my How To Be Successful book series. It will take you through each step you need to take to find the career that you want.

The How To Be Successful book series will help remove those doubts you have about changing careers and give you the confidence you need to boldly go forward. I promise that you can do it! You just have to do it.

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